Strategies and goals

Vision of the company

„We intend to be a company that fully knows and satisfies our customers´ demands and constantly adapts to new requests in the market“

Effectiveness and serviceability of our products comes from in-depth knowledge, research and long-term experience of the company’s management and the majority of staff. The above reflects our enthusiasm for product innovating and continuous improvement of manufacturing procedures, health & safety at work.

What we see our competitive advantage in?

  • HPM Therm s.r.o. is a well known company not only on the Slovak market but is also a highly respected participant within the European market (the company exports 70% of its production)
  • Cooperation with universities and both home and foreign companies in the field of  technological development and production improvement
  • Flexibility of production due to minimal dependency on external subcontractors
  • Long-term experience of the company’s management and staff in business
  • A qualified and steady labour force together create a stable environment and good conditions for company growth
  • Diversified production program allows potential seasonal dips to be overcome
  • Responsible, flexible and fast customer service – quick quotations, order fulfillment, on time delivery and quick response to quality complaints
  • Company’s products are constantly being validated and certified and it produces according to the principles of European standard ( ISO 9001 – 2001 )
  • Regular qualitative and quantitative improvement of the technological equipment. Inadequate equipment is being reconstructed and replaced by technological innovations

Values we confess:

  • QUALITY: Our goal is perfection in quality.
  • INOVATIONS: Enthusiasm for innovations and product improvement.
  • EMPLOYEES: Taking care of employees (social program, regular salary adjustments, so called “13th wage”, payment-by-results).
  • ENVIROMENT: Respect for environment and region in which the company operates.
  • SERVICE: Providing customers with fast, flexible and full initial and after-sales.
  • TRUST: Reliability of HPM Therm s.r.o. as a business partner is an automatic and necessary part of the values we confess.
  • INTEGRITY: Respectability, fairness and honesty mold the company’s values.