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Tepelné výmenníky
Heat exchangers

They are used to transfer heat wherever it is possible to transfer heat directly from the source to the appliance.

Radiátorový program
Radiator program

Radiators are designed for a full range of supplementary heating of residential and commercial premises.

Pasívne chladenie
Passive beams

Silent passive cooling convectors ceiling based heat transfer by free convection.

Chladiče polovodičov
Coolers for power semiconductors

We produce also cooler power semiconductor devices for heat pipes.

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About HPM therm

hpm budovaHPM Therm s.r.o., established in 1998, is a dynamic developing company focused on engineering production in the field of heating technology.

Products are used for various industrial and civil constructions designed for heating, cooling and heat recovery system. Long-time experience of management and employees with the design, construction and production of  heat exchangers and new requirements from satisfied customers are the best motivators for constant innovation and development of new products and processes.

Production and bussiness activities are carried out in the company`s own facility and the company belongs to the important local employer. It employees more than 50 people over a long term period.  

hpm vyrobaAlmost 80% of company’s production is exported. Thanks to the satisfaction of traditional customers, company’s business activities stabilize and consolidate at the markets in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia. We don’t also lag behind at the markets like Russia, England, Hungary, Poland, France and so on. 

HPM Therm cooperates with its customers and suppliers for the purpose of increase products’ quality. The primary objective is to satisfy the wishes and needs of its customers.