Heatsinks of power semiconductors

Heatsinks of power semiconductor elements produced and delivered by HPM therm are divided according to the way they remove the exhaust air:

  • air cooled heatsinks
  • liquid cooleed heatsinks
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Air cooled heatsinks with heat pipes
  • use the physical principles of a heat pipe (an enclosed space partially filled with a heat transfer substance and its vapours 
  • excellent cooling properties
  • built-up area and weight savings (smaller and lighter than classic aluminium heatsink)
  • high operating reliability and simple service 
  • the heat pipe is functioning only in the position where the contact block is lower than the fins (gravity heat pipes)
  • can be used in stationary applications (distribution centres and convertors) as well as in transport applications (trains, trolleybuses, etc)
  • do not present any environmental threat when following the waste disposal act
  • can be divided into heatsinks for natural cooling and forced cooling
  • the thermal output of these heatsinks ranges from few W to several kW
  Free convention   Forced circulation

Liquid cooled heatsinks 

  • use coolant for heat removal (its features have to correspond with its use)
  • represent a more efficient type of a heatsink
  • use the principle of the heat transfer from a solid substance to a cooling medium - coolant, which tranfers the heat to the external heatsink with a help of a pump 
  • have a solid structure with a small built-up area per unit of outlet output
  • with regard to the construction, they allow an easy arrangement in various ellectrically connected groups 
  • the choice of a coolant is closely related to the design of the cooling circuit of the alternator 
  • suitable coolants for cooling circuits: industrial, distilled, demineralised and deinoised water, transformer oil, fluoroinets
  • The liquid cooling circuit is more demanding on operation as well as service than for example air heatsinks with heat pipes
  • basic accessories are also part oh HPM therm deliveries



Liquid cooled heatsinks for cooling IGBT and IGCT modules   Liquid cooled heatsinks for cooling diodes, tyristores and transistors