We have a diverse portfolio of products, which can be seen in a wide range of applications in Slovakia and abroad (80 % of production)

  • Air-conditioning systems of well-known as well as less known European producers
  • heat recovery 
  • heating systems 
  • ceiling and wall cooling systems  
  • heating of buildings– radiator program
  • Coolers of power semiconductor elements
Allianz Arena - Stadium Bayern Munich Audi Gyor Hungary Einkaufsgalerie Ludwigshafen Germany
Carl Zeiss Germany BMW Dingolfing Germany Intel Israel
Aupark Tower City Business Center Hotel Tri Studničky - Demänovská dolina
Aupark Tower - Bratislava, Slovakia
City Business Center - Bratislava, Slovakia Hotel Tri Studničky - Demänovská dolina Volkswagen Bratislava Slovakia
Empiria - Bratislava I. TOP CENTRUM - Bratislava Zámocká ulica - Bratislava City Business Center
Empiria - Bratislava, Slovakia
I. TOP CENTRUM - Bratislava, Slovakia Zámocká Street - Bratislava, Slovakia Heating systems

Výmenníky do energetiky

Frekvenčné meniče
Exchangers for energetics
Frequency converters PSA Peugeot Citroen Trnava, Slovakia

 Zostavná klimatizačná jednotka      
 Air-conditioning system